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Season, and in the midst of the presidential primary in 2003, government officials in the state during the free online dating ohio 08.Allows publishers to demonstrate the size of his extended family, several of whom are in a similar age its more to do with the number. Related to both dv aggression and low relationship power in a sample and then zoom down. Was found on a little farm in the Ozark hills of Fordland Missouri. Tractor was restored 20 years ago and use in local shows. The governor, grill and steering wheel are incorrect. I have (198) has two ribbed fenders, aluminum dash, smooth hubs, starter button on dash, tranny dipstick on shifter cover, no battery door but used no hinges. Parked behind the barn for nearly 2-decades after starting to smoke. Purchased in 1939 - 2nd Ford Tractor sold in Richland Co. Restoration begins soon to be completed in 12-16 months [2014]. Had to have been manufactured during the final week/day of production in 1939. I bought this 9N with MF blade in August 2007 for 00 from an elderly gentleman in Naniamo B. papers from 1985 that report the tractor being up in Tlell on the Queen Charlotte Islands. It runs well and I enjoy riding around the neighbourhood. Was informed the engine was leaking oil into water. Very original tractor, right down to the aluminum grill. The electrical system is already converted to 12 volts . Founded 2N in Little Current On Canada Needs a lot of work. I am going to try to restored it back to show room condition. Works ok again when she cools down but then happens again. Bought it from a man who said he rescued it from a field. Plan on changing transmision fluid and putting it back to work. One rear axle in stamped Dec 46 and the other Jan 47. Using information on your site, I am able to confirm that this tractor is indeed all 2N built in 1946. It wound up sitting for several years and being moved several times. I should have paid 2 or 3 times what I paid for her! I suspect a lot of parts are from other years, ex: front wheels have 6 bolts, not 5, and the hood is sheet metal, not aluminum. Very original w/ "A" generator and voltage regulator. Nice shape needs a grill ,original alum one is not all there. The tractor was from a dealer in manasquan New Jersey. I just bought this tractor for the bucket but will probably change the engine out for earlier one. For now, being displayed (as found) in our rural Audrain County Missouri front yard. Everything is original - Tractor runs good - Excellent sheet metal. I have 1 original smooth hub and one to go on, aftermarket aluminum grill, and used 4 spoke steering wheel. Block is cracked but the engine runs, needs an overhaul. His family finally convinced him to stop driving it around the farm. It was my Grandpa's tractor and has a great deal of sentimental value to me. The sheetmetal work is on the rough side and all of the tires are worn. Previous owner had removes all the sheet metal and radiator to repaint it. He swears it came from the dealer with dark green paint, but I can't find any documentation other than dark gray. He had the engine rebuilt but did not use it much, he bought a newer Ford. Compression is all about 112 / 114 blows a whisp of smoke. My goal is to restore it to original condition as a first time auto restoration. Most parts on the tractor are original and it is in great shape. I also install a Sherman transmisson the I got from John Smith.1944 2N Than belonged to my dad who purchased the tractor after returning from the Navy in 1946. It has an 8N paint job which I am currently restoring. Plugs, wires, and a vertical exhaust and she runs great. My Dad bought this tractor sometime in the late 50's from a family friend, B. Plus I have some projects in mind like adding the headlights back on, building a carryall, and such. I have not started yet as I am working on a '44 right now. They only used Granny 2-3 times a year a brush-hog 1-2 acres.

In the middle of restoration with completion in spring 2009. I bought it from a kind gentleman that was on his last leg. This Tug was stationed at the Barstow Dagget Modification Center in Barstow California during WWII. Cleaned it up and replaced the carb, fired right up. Converting to 12 volt and use her around the house.32 inch rear tires. Grandpa bought it in the late 1940's and used it for everything. Had allready converted to early style alternator with external regulator. Will try that out for awhile and see how I like it for snow removal. Restored in "85" & is now being restored again in 2012. It was painted Olive Drab and will return that way when restored. I have used this tractor to move and grade over 100 tons of fill and I plow snow with it all winter. It was panited all green,and he panited it yellow and black ???? It had been sitting in the stack yard for about the last 20 years in poor shape. (Later it was 5 acres after we built a new house and sold the old house with 2 acres.) Dad passed away in 1995. I brought it to Texas and had it restored by a local mechanic. The tractor holds a lot of memories of my Dad for me. Hopefully I'll be able to restore it and play with it for awhile before i bite the weenie. I have had it since 1984 & it will be my sons after that. This Center modified A-20 Havoc Light Bombers and P-38 fighters during the war. My father -in-law (The amazing Dave Smith converted to 12 volt in 2005).. Dad used it to raise a garden and just, in general, take care of the 7 acres we lived on outside of Jackson, MS. This (n was purchased by my father in 1980, used hard to clean up 5 wooded acres, mowing and grading dirt with a straight blade. Has reproduction doglegs, battery cover and steering wheel, 'B' generator and cutout. Tractor worked a long hard life and at one time mounted a loader. Needs grille, rear wheels/tires, correct four-spoke steering wheel. I am trying to decide if I want to restore this vintage tractor or just clean, paint and keep everything in good working order. This tractor looks rough but has served us well for the last three years as we work our church garden for outreach. It has stayed within 15 miles of Norwich since then. Tractor was used to maintain a nursery in Barrie Ontario until the mid 1950's when it was purchased by my grandpa's twin brother for use on his farm in Oro Township, Ontario. Original owner owened it till about 10 or twelve years ago. It has never been repainted an there is quite a lot of original paint on the rear fenders as well as some spots on other parts. Has smooth axles, 32" rims, original front axles and spindles, threaded left three point link. Some original parts are missing like the grille and dog legs. My plans are to restore it back to factory condition. Mostly straight tractor with age appropriate cosmetic flaws. I stripped the sheet metal down and cleaned and painted some parts. I thouht it had a cracked block or head but when I started to loosen the head bolts, the were loose. Engine runs good and the hydraulics, PTO, and 3 point hitch all work . 944 to early 1947 model) with an 8N engine cast March 1st 1950. Three attachments I use are a BUSH HOG FTH 600 finishing mower, Leinbach pinestraw rake and a carryall. A local Ford dealer said they just used have rebuilt engines in stock and just swap out engines. In memory of my good friend Bert Wilson who loved tractors. Claims he just got a new battery and changed the oil. This tractor was purchased new in 1946 at Grannis & Stratton on South Broad Street in Norwich NY. Parts have been lost and every thing needs to be gone through. Doing a little at a time, I hope to have it running sometime.

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